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Fri 3rd Jun 2016 - 5:25am : Gaming : General

With just over two weeks left before the beginning of the first night of the eSportsHub CSGO League, I thought it best to check in with CAZ's very own lineup who are set to feature in the event, as one of the invited lineups. Who best to speak to than the lineups captain & coach, Leon "SarcasM" Haider.


How are things feeling within the team on the run up to the event?

Well, we are currently looking for a 5th, so it is somewhat hard to predict how things will go. If we find a 5th that slots in well I can see us pushing Top3. Just all a time question now really. We'll have just over Two weeks to get everything in line.


Two weeks is a good amount of time, and its good to see you guys have high hopes going into it. Have you prepared much against the competition within the league?

Played uFrag, but I only really know ufrag barrage and xL are in it. Dont know who else is taking part yet, so no idea. We've played teams like uFrag and Smash decently close recently. So I do think there's some potential with the right 5th.


So it all comes down to the right 5th, can you elaborate on what you're looking for when it comes down to the perfect 5th?

Mostly an attitude thing, we have the fragging power we need to compete. Need someone that is calm and attentive enough to quickly work out what he's supposed to be doing. We don't like babysitting players to string them along, so brain and attitude are probably the most important aspects for the new guy.


It's clear that the CAZ Academy lineup is looking hopeful, though it's notable that they still have one space left to fill. We'll be covering CAZ.Red's progress throughout the upcoming event as and when it happens. Alongside the Academy team, we'll soon be starting to build up the hype for the upcoming DreamHack Summer BYOC LAN that CAZ's main roster are set to attend, with constant content set to be released directly from the LAN as games unfold.




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