CAZ r0m's thoughts on DreamHack Summer!

Thu 16th Jun 2016 - 3:00pm : Gaming : General

With only a day to go before CAZ embark on a journey across Europe, it's only expected for us check in with Ben "r0m" Smith, the lineups core strategist and overall leading man. A player quoted to have an unbelievable knowledge of strategies within the game, as well as an impeccable knowledge of utility usage across the core of the competitive map pool. Suffice to say Ben has the knowledge needed to lead a team, and that is certainly what he will be doing as he takes them on a journey across Europe over into the lands of Sweden.

I was able to sneak in a quick chat with Ben while he was travelling down to his hotel for the night, ready for the early flight tomorrow. So, to dive straight in, it was only worth asking how he felt going into what is a rather big event for the teams first rodeo. His response was short and simple, in fact, a quaint one for those not keeping a keen eye on the lineup. His goal for the upcoming event is to utilise it as a boot camping opportunity, in his words...

"We are going to be using this event as a bit of a boot camp to be trying things out, and mainly fixing and focusing on the parts of the game I'm fully aware we've been struggling with.  We had an idea of how we wanted to play and we've tried slight adjustments, however, have all come to the realisation that the way we have been trying to play just hasn't worked."

This doesn't mean that his goals still aren't set to claim 3 back-to-back victory's in the BYOC events the team are set to play in, with his confidence in both the lineup and individual players leading to a comment overly simple and short. 

"Yeah, I believe the raw talent we have will be more than enough to carry us through to three first places."

Both supporters and naysayers alike have the opportunity to keep track of the lineup as we depart in the early hours of tomorrow morning, with live-tweeting abound along with many a picture and article set to be written throughout the course of the weekend.



Ryan Oliver

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