CAZ eSports.DK CSGO Team Place T16 at NPF

Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 2:29pm : Gaming : General

Recently our Danish CSGO team attended the Danish LAN event called ‘NPF’ where there was a total of $2000 in prize money to get their hands on! Before the event they spoke to Fluqi and said they had a realistic expectation of a 5th – 8th place prediction and we will see how well they got on at the event!

In the first group stage of the event they took the group by storm in their first game by beating the Team ‘Toppristet’ 16-6 on Dust2! Which was a convincing start to the team’s first tournament under CAZ! After building momentum in the first game, we saw them continue their excellent display of skill by beating #NPF16CS:GO 16-0 in there 2nd game of Group 1 on Mirage! To finish the group out they had to play the team ‘xRANDOMBOYS’ which they beat in a convincing fashion 16-5 on Inferno to top the group!

After their impressive performance in Group 1, that qualified them to move on to the next part of the group stage. In their first game they come across ‘W4P’ on Cache which yet again, they 16-0’d! At this point it didn’t look good for the ‘MokaiSamuriais on Overpass due to CAZ.DK’s dominating fashion in the previous group as well as this one. CAZ’s performance only looked to get stronger with them beating the ‘MokaiSamurais’ 16-2! Which rounded out all of the group play at NPF!

As we get into the next part of the event, the elimination stages. First match we had in the BO1 Elimination stage was ‘Crush.CS’ which we got close to the 3rd 16-0 of the tournament with a 16-1 win on Mirage! At this point the team was guaranteed T16 which for the team’s first event together was around of what the team expected of themselves this early on!  The next game was unfortunately their last due to the single elimination format with a loss against ‘Easter Vikings’ 16-6 on Mirage!

No matter what we will always be behind our teams and be proud of whatever results they get at LAN events! We will want to say thanks to NPF for hosting the event and we hope that we can attend more of your events in the future!


The team that attended NPF -

Jonas "zanoj" Velling
Peter "xone" Scheel
Peter "Syndicate" Klejnstrup
Martin "PedmaN" Pedersen
Allan "AnJ" Jensen


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Kieran Smith

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