ELEAGUE Week 1 Recap

Sun 29th May 2016 - 2:59pm : General : Gaming

It's been a busy week, with Counter-Strike history in the making, as the TV production of ELEAGUE goes into full swing. So without further or do, let's take a look at the results that followed from Week 1, of 10.

Just before that, however, a quick recap for those of you who aren't up to date with the format. Fairly simple stuff, with group stages being Best of Two matchup's, winning team takes 1 point per map.

 Our first series of the day consisted of Luminosity and Renegades, a series already sided towards the Brazillian side. Cobblestone and Train came out as the respective picks, with RNG fighting considerably hard on Train allowing LG to only squeeze out the rounds needed in a strong overtime to win Map 1, picking up the inaugural point of ELEAGUE. LG denied any attempt from RNG to find rounds in Map 2, with a strong beheading of dreams, as LG took a smooth 16 - 0 win.

Moving into series two, we saw North America's very own hope-squad, battle up against another North American lineup with some familiar Twitch faces. Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid. This time around we saw Dust 2 and Cache make the maps, both maps that either team have been able to play from time-to-time. A close half came in Map 1, as freeze-time pitched us at a 8 - 7 scoreline, C9 taking the lead. This followed through as Liquid were unable to find a foothold, claiming only 4 rounds, leaving C9 to mop up and win 16 - 11. Map two followed very similarly to Map 2 of our first series, with C9 taking 13 rounds in the first half, with Liquid not taking a single round in the 2nd half, only able to find two in the first, meaning we saw a quick 16 - 2 unfold.

(Credit to ELEAGUE Media for above photo.)

Wednesday delivered its third series to us within quick succession, this time providing us with some Brazillian talent up against Team Liquid. Dust 2 and Cobblestone, both maps that have been played so far in the event, with both teams playing one or the other in their respective earlier series. The question is, will this help either team? The answer for Liquid this time around was simply no, as they struggled once again to rack up rounds, with LG taking a 16 - 6 victory in Map 1. Onwards to Map 2, a map were Liquid stepped up to the plate, delivering us an entertaining match that consistently went back and forth. Especially when taking into account the half time scores, of a 12 - 3 side for Liquid. Unfortunately for Liquid, the site of victory caused a chain reaction, as Luminosity mounted a comeback, taking the map 16 - 14.


For our next series, we had to wait patiently until Wednesday, with Day 1 already concluding. We saw North America battle it out once again, with Team Liquid and Renegades being the chosen sides for the following series. Mirage and Train were the picks, interesting maps for a series of this type, suffice to say it certainly delivered. Map 1 proved to be extremely strong for Liquid, with them taking an 11 - 4 half, however, once again, their opposition stepped up and mounted a comeback. Renegades brought it right back allowing Liquid only 3 rounds in the 2nd half, closing it out 16 - 14. Map 2 looked to be balanced, RNG only taking the lead by a 10 - 5 half. However, it was not enough for Liquid, with Renegades ploughing through taking a 16 - 10 win.

Cloud 9 were welcomed back to the studios in series two of day two, alongside Brazilians Luminosity. Luminosity proved once again in this series that they are one of the most dominant teams currently, smashing out a quick 10 - 5 on Dust 2, following it up by only allowing Cloud 9 two rounds, leaving a 16 - 7 win for LG. Map 2 ended once again in a smooth 10 - 5, with Cloud 9 rapidly chasing their heels, attempting to grind out rounds. Unfortunately, the 10 they collected was not enough, as LG managed to edge out the 16 rounds required to win.

(Credit to ELEAGUE Media for above photo)

In the last series of Day two, as well as the last series before we hit playoffs for this group, we saw Renegades up against Cloud 9. Train and Cobblestone, Cobble being a certainly favoured map in ELEAGUE so far. Train proved to be close within the first half, with only a mere 3 rounds between the two teams. Unfortunately for Renegades, they were unable to find strength in the 2nd half, backed by strong plays from Cloud 9, leaving it an open-map for Cloud 9 as they take victory 16 - 7. Map two proved to be even closer, with only 1 round between them in a 7 - 8 half, for RNG. Both teams fought hard as the rounds flew past, however, it was notably Renegades who played the stronger half, meaning we saw our first series in ELEAGUE go 1 - 1, as RNG took the map 16 - 11.


Thursday rolled around, meaning we had finally reached playoff stages for Group A. Luminosity up against Team Liquid, followed by Cloud 9 vs Renegades. First up for us, LG vs Liquid. With the veto's coming in thick and fast, Mirage, and curiously Nuke, alongside Dust 2, were set to the map pool for this Bo3 series. Map 1 ended in a similar fashion to previous series's played between these two teams, with the half falling to a 10 - 5, for LG, followed up by a 16 - 6 win. Liquid stepped up on Nuke, leading the charge in the first half, however, they were unable to follow this through in the 2nd half. Luminosity claiming back-to-back rounds, eventually leading to a 16 - 12 win.

On the flip side of the bracket, it was time for Renegades to play Cloud 9. Once again we saw Cobblestone come from the veto, with Cache and Train to follow. C9 played extremely decisively in the first map, taking a 16 - 3 victory over RNG in Map 1 of 3. C9 playing strong once again, edged out a 10 - 5 lead on Cache. RNG managing to chain together a few rounds here and there but it was not enough, with plays coming in from C9's side, with notable players such as Stewie & Shroud stepping up to the plate. 16 - 11 for Cloud 9.


Friday came around, with both Luminosity and Cloud 9 preparing to play each other in the playoff finals. The veto was done fairly early, alerting us to the maps that followed, those being Mirage, Cobblestone and lastly, Dust 2. Map 1 proved to be close, with C9 playing their hearts out up to this point. This was proven when they took map 1, 16 - 11. LG fought back hard and fast on Cobblestone, though the map was set to be a showstopper, finding its way into a single overtime matchup. LG slowly edging it out to a 19 - 16 win. Dust 2, an exciting map to watch, with both teams playing extremely well up to this point. Unfortunately for C9, it didn't quite go the expected way, with LG finding a total of 14 rounds in the first half. Leaving LG to only have to find two rounds, meanwhile, C9 had their backs up against the wall, with a behemoth of a task lying in front of them. Though to be fair to them, they battled hard, claiming 8 rounds in the 2nd half before succumbing to the Brazilians, who eventually found those two rounds, leading to a 16 - 9 win.

                                              Group A


Luminosity Gaming

6 - 0

99 - 54 +45 6p


Cloud 9 3 - 3 76 - 68 +8 3p


Renegades 3 - 3 72 - 86 -14 3p


Team Liquid 0 - 6 57 - 96 -39 0p




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