CAZ Academy welcomes new players!

Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 11:25pm : General : Gaming

The CAZ Academy so far has introduced some talented Counter Strike: Global Offensive competitors whom have been working extremely hard within the organisation! Between the Academy's initial announcement until now the Academy and it's staff has been working with players carefully in a productive environment to ensure progress across a range of areas. In this announcement we introduce four new competitors that are going to be welcomed into the CAZ Academy, after working with various players in depth the organisation has outlined these four individuals, who in our eyes, will excel within the Academy.


Sam "smk" Biden


Mitchell "Ducky" Robertson


Jack "snow" Evans


Liam "Ebanks" Ebanks 


 With this fantastic news of talented competitors joining the Academy, our new In-Game Leader Mitchell Robertson has this to say! 

"Coming into the CAZ organisation as a fresh faced Academy team we're looking to smash out our practice and focus towards building a reputation for being a strong side. We're a mix of old school CS:S players and CS:GO players so hopefully the combination of previous experience and the determination of the newer players will work out for us as we work towards hitting the higher end of the UK scene. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the CAZ eSports organisation for giving us the support and helping us to make our goals possible."


With additions to the Academy comes departures and changes. Former CAZ Academy player Leon Haider has decided to step down as a competitor, however, after talking to Leon the organisation has offered him a coaching role and we are delighted that Leon has decided to remain with us! Upon this change Leon himself had some words to say!

"Due to my commitments in work and education I felt like I was restricting the teams development too much by forcing them into my schedule, which limited our playing time. That's the main reason I offered to step down. Now as the official Academy coach I can become the voice of reason within the team, to allow and help the players reach their optimum potential. Furthermore I am excited to stay with the organisation and build my working relationships further with the Academy Manager Eren and the rest of the CAZ eSports staff!"


Former CAZ Academy players Ashley Powell and Michael Brockwell have been released from the CAZ Academy due to in-game issues. Furthermore Ryan Oliver has stepped down from the CAZ Academy however still works with the organisation in other areas. 


We hope the #CAZarmy is as excited as we are in welcoming new competitors into the organisation. You will be able to see our new players in action in the ESH League later in the month, as always on behalf of the organisation we would like to thank you for your continued support and we look to build a future for our Academy players!







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