CAZ set to visit Sweden for DreamHack Summer

Sun 12th Jun 2016 - 12:03am : General : Gaming

It's Sunday morning, with an eerie feeling sitting in on the day, as CAZ begin to ramp up for one of their first International events with their current Counter-Strike roster. We will be visiting Jonkoping, Sweden, in order to attend DreamHack Summer. With the team being set to compete within the BYOC portion of the event, hoping to make a good impression as-well as utilise the LAN to make key-improvements, still pushing for a strong showing none-the-less. 

DreamHack Summer 2016 BYOC will feature three seperate events, all with no direct link aside from bragging rights, all with indivudual prizepools. The events will take place on the coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All following the format of Single Elimination Bo1 right through to the grand finals, at which point it swaps over to a Bo3 format. Winner takes all for 5000 SEK, available for each event, with CAZ set to compete in all three. Its certainly going to be an interesting few days for the team to get some experiance under they're belt, while also improving as a lineup overall. We look forward to seeing what results the squad can bring in.

Leading on from this, what we can say is this is the lineup we will be taking to Sweden;


Ben 'rom' Smith

Owen 'SM00YA' Butterfield 

Donovan 'zNf' Froid

Jesper 'JESP' Johansson

Yannick 'ync' Van Boven





Ryan Oliver

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