CAZ: DreamHack Summer - Day 1

Sun 19th Jun 2016 - 9:10am : General : Gaming

Our visit to DreamHack Summer 2016 began yesterday, with the fruitful winnings of us claiming 5000 SEK thanks to claiming a victory on the Day 1 BYOC event. Here's a recap of what took place!

(Note: This article is intended as easy-access game info / scoreboards - keep an eye on the site for more in-depth writeups soon!)


When things first kicked off, we were, in fact, handed a bye in the first round, due to our high seeding (1st). Following from this our first actual game was up against CrownGG's Female Lineup. The matchup ended rather smoothly for our side, albeit a few well-played rounds from the female side but all-in-all, we closed out the game fairly easily, 16 - 4. The rough points of the game came in the pistol rounds where the pistol was lost and subsequently both the following rounds were lost, but from that point onwards - every round was a killing blow, enabling the result that arrived.


Moving into Round 3, or effectively referred to as the semi-finals, we faced a few known friends of one of CAZ's very own, Jesp. The Swedish Mix team, known as Team Kimmson fought us hard, eventually claiming a total of 14 rounds against us, over on Dust 2.

"It shouldn't have been that close, they played well for sure but we nearly threw it as well. Yannick won us that game with the 1vX he won, thanks to Jesp's monitor dieing mid-clutch." - Owen "smooya" Butterfield

This result pitted us in the finals against DHXPress, in a battle to claim 5000 SEK as well as a worthwhile momentum for the upcoming trials tomorrow. Jesp had this to say;

"I think we had a great CT side, we always start a little shaky T side but we closed it out early, which is good for us - we are really struggling to close out games currently, so we are pleased that we're able to do something we've been struggling to-do recently." - Jesper "Jesp" Johansson 

The map was set to be Cache, in a quick attempt at providing a solid map choice for both teams, fortunately for us, every player on our lineup fired with all cylinders, fulfilling the roles required allowing us to decisively take the game, 16 - 3. 


Tomorrow, or today for some of you reading this, is a big day for the lineup, in an event, we play in an attempt to make direct qualification to the Pantermera Playoffs at DreamHack Winter 2016. The question is, will we qualify? 


If you want to keep in the loop with all things CAZ / Sweden, keep an eye on our Twitter feed for live updates, as well as the odd video that may pop up over on Facebook!




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