CAZ make the UK Masters Grand Final!

Mon 8th Aug 2016 - 4:49pm : General : Gaming

Over the last weekend the best CS:GO teams from the United Kingdom faced off in the UK Masters Play-Offs and battled it out for a chance to grab a spot at the Grand Finals held at Insomnia 58! The CAZ eSports CS:GO roster achieved a 3rd place finish in the regular season and awaiting them in the Play-Off bracket were Orgless. The first map to kick off the series was Mirage, a map well known as being strongly suited to teams led by Jakem. In a dominant fashion the CAZ line-up secured the first game of the series with a 16-2 scoreline leaving the Orgless roster failing to secure a single round on the T side. Up next in this BO3 series was Cobblestone, the map pick for CAZ. After a very strong performance on the favoured T side of the map CAZ finished off the half with a 10-5 scoreline. With the momentum going into the CT side CAZ closed out the game with ease and ended the series with a 16-7 victory.

After a dominant performance on Day 1 of the UK Masters the CAZ roster were now only one series away from achieving a spot at the Grand Finals and a chance to be crowned as the best team in the United Kingdom. Up against them were FM eSports, the 1st place team in the regular season of the UK Masters. The map to kick off this intense series would be Overpass and both sides traded rounds throughout the first half with CAZ edging it out 8-7 on the T side. The second half of Overpass continued in similar fashion and once again CAZ were able to grind out the win with a finished scoreline of 16-13. Mirage was up next and the CAZ roster looked set to close out the series but with a good display from FM a third map was needed to decide this series to see which team would come out victorious and grab a spot in the Grand Final of the UK Masters. The deciding map would be Dust 2 and in a surprising fashion CAZ blitzed the opposition with a 16-3 scoreline. With the series concluded and an all-round solid performance CAZ will now prepare to compete at the Grand Final due to be held on August 26th at Insomnia 58 where we will look to claim the title of UK Champions.

We would like to thank the #CAZarmy for their support over the weekend and we hope to see you at Insomnia 58 cheering us on!




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