CAZ eSports officially enters Hearthstone!

Sun 11th Sep 2016 - 11:29pm : General : Gaming

It is with great excitement to officially announce that CAZ eSports has entered the Hearthstone eSports space by acquiring a competitor in the name of Pernille 'Penny' Matthews. As an eSports club we are always searching for unique opportunities to enter various eSports titles and we are delighted to have Penille join the organisation so we can begin working in Hearthstone. In light of this news we spoke briefly with Penny and asked her some questions about her Hearthstone career thus far and more! 


How did you discover Hearthstone and begin to delve into the game as an eSports competitor? 

"I started playing around the BETA of HS. I didn't play seriously as I was playing a lot of World of Warcraft at the time. I slowly began taking the game seriously and participated in my first big LAN event at DreamHack Winter 2015, then I decided to go to Insomnia57, where I placed top16. This was the best result I've had so far and I'm very motivated to one day win a major event."


Which Hearthstone players are you most inspired by and why? 

"I have many people who I look up to, all for different reasons. One is Thijs, who is the definition of a consistent player.
Another is Dog, whose playstyle I really like and feel that I play in a similar style, also regarding the decks we both prefer.
There are many more that I look up to, but overall, I really respect most professional Hearthstone players as I know how much
time and effort it takes to stay relevant and be consistent."


How does it feel to be playing under the CAZ eSports banner? 

"I'm very excited to join CAZ, not only because it is my first ever esports team, but I really hope to be able to get
the name of CAZ eSports known in the Hearthstone scene. Overall, I'm excited and motivated!"


We hope the #CAZarmy gives a warm welcome to Pernille and supports her as she competes under the CAZ brand! 


You can find Penny on Twitter and on Twitch, just click the links below!



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