CAZ eSports signs new CS:GO roster!

Mon 19th Sep 2016 - 3:17pm : General : Gaming

Despite winning UK Masters Season 1 at Insomnia 58 former players robiin, tsack, Kryptix and Boaster have since then departed to explore other opportunities. With roster changes happening across the UK Counter Strike space we decided to continue working with Jake McCausland to form a brand new roster consisting of some of the most exciting talent the UK scene has to offer. With that decision it is with great pleasure to unveil the new CAZ eSports CS:GO roster!


Jake 'Jakem' McCausland

Christopher 'Dream' Choat

Oscar 'Ozzy' Scott

Michael 'MCK' McDonald

Roma 'Roma' Paramore


The new CAZ eSports roster will be competing in the WESG qualifiers, the ESEA Main Division, UK Masters Season 2 and offline events throughout the year. In light of this announcement, COO of CAZ eSports Ben Bagg had this to say! 

"After our latest successes we are excited to begin WESG and ESEA again with this new exciting lineup, we believe them to be a formidable squad and based on Jakem's leadership we are excited to end the year with such a team"

Once again we would like to thank the #CAZarmy for your continued support as well as our fantastic sponsors! 


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