Multiplay: Insomnia 55 Preview

Sun 23rd Aug 2015 - 2:13pm : General : Gaming

The UK's biggest gaming festival (Insomnia) is less than a week away and gamers across Britain could not be more excited. From esports to cosplay, Insomnia offers a full package of entertainment for everyone. The biggest stars across Youtube will be in attendance this event including Syndicate and the fan favourite group 'Sidemen' featuring Wroetoshaw and the largest FIFA Youtube star KSI.

Also famous for its immense atmosphere the PC Hall at Insomnia is definitely worth a visit along with the Console Esports Hall which will feature Halo where you will be able to see the best Halo teams across Europe (including CAZ Esports) compete against each other to be crowned as champions of Insomnia 55. The full CAZ esports line-up will return to Insomnia after using a fill in for Gamescom in Germany where the players got to compete in the first Halo 5: Guardians event against Epsilon, Optic Gaming and Supremacy. Although falling short to Epsilon the CAZ line-up were able to put on a good showing and hope they can prove themselves further as being one of the best Halo teams in Europe. 

Insomnia 55 is shaping to be a fantastic event which thousands of gaming fanatics across the UK will be highly anticipating.

Are you going to Insomnia 55 and what are you most looking forward to this weekend? Make sure you comment below!



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