Liam "Havoc" Peck joins CAZ eSports

Thu 3rd Sep 2015 - 4:37pm : General : Gaming

We are pleased to announce our new Halo Coach Liam "Havoc" Peck.


"My name is Liam Peck, I am a 19 year old business student from Ireland. my start into esports itself was purely halo as a competitor back when i found out about MLG in 2009, back in the peak of Halo 3 i made a decent name for myself in the New Zealand scene in halo 3 and as reach came out, then we moved to Ireland in 2012 and i lost interest in playing when Halo 4 came out, then a throwback halo 3 event happened in 2014 where i met the CAZ boys and we clicked straight away as friends. Naturally from there with the release of Master Chief collection led me to where i am now"

When did you first decide to become a coach in the Halo industry?

"In halo most top teams just grab another top player that's around at the time because they have the basic knowledge needed, and that happened for me with VWS (Flamez and Snakeys team) at i53/gfinity last year, and then a few series of doing that when i was free and i really enjoyed it, and since then have jumped in with the boys whenever i could and with the boys showing very promising opportunities in the near future I would want to be with the every step of the way"

What are your goals for eSports?

"well for esports as a coach of a competitive team, help the boys become the best they can be, whether that is hitting all my times for weapons and powerups in game, or getting the right players hyped up and firing on all cylinders when they need to, and to just make sure they are all doing what needs to be done to get the win. So winning events and competing internationally at the highest level with the boys"

What are your thoughts on Halo eSports?

"Halo has had a rough few years and everybody knows it, as a person who grew up on the peak games, mainly halo 3 for me its hard to see some of these other games with such massive followings and halo have only a fraction of it, but its the people that have stuck with it that have the passion, and that's what is needed. The HCS was a good success for Halo as it gave players something to play for, an incentive and gave us some viewership, may not be where as a community we want but its a start back to where we were in 2010. Hopefully in the next few years as a global community with what is to come with Halo 5 we can see ourselves back at the top of console FPS."

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