TopicKeeping Up With the Many Types of Yeast Infections and Their Cures

  • Wed 12th Jun 2019 - 11:38am

    A yeast infection is a result of the loss of good bacteria in the immune system. When Vollure the good bacteria, which keeps the amount of yeast growth in the body under control, is killed off, for whatever reason, the yeast begins to take on a life of its own. It multiplies and begins to cause all kinds of problems. In women, it usually attacks the genital area. Since it is one of the dampest places on the body, it is a good place for yeast to grow. When it does it causes itching, pain and creates a smelly discharge. For children, it may do the same. Boys as well as girls can get yeast infections on their genital areas. Keeping the areas clean and dry on children is the key to diverting these types of yeast infections from them.

    If a woman, man, or child is taking antibiotics for any other type of infection, this can lead to the secondary yeast infection. A yeast infection can show up anywhere on the skin. It can be found on the face, arms, feet, underarms, genitals, folds in skin behind the knees or arms. It just needs a nice moist place to begin reproduction of itself.

    Other types of yeast infections may include thrush and pregnancy infections. Thrush causes white patches in the mouth and can flow through the esophagus, where food travels from the mouth to stomach,and cause a sore throat. It can be painful to swallow. During pregnancy, estrogen levels increase and the production of glycogen increases, which causes an overproduction of yeast in the vaginal area.

    There is no cure-all to all of the types of yeast infections that occur. Prevention is a good way to begin. Taking care of yourself and keeping your immune system strong is a good first step. Wearing breathable clothing and drying oneself well after showering is important, too. Eating yogurt and drinking plenty of water will help immune system and fight off overgrowing yeast. Cutting down on sugar intake is another way to keep that yeast from taking over.


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