TopicThe Best Skin Antioxidants

  • Mon 20th Feb 2017 - 8:51am

    Natural Vitiligo Treatment System  Filiarisis is a disease caused by an infection of roundworms. It is usually passed on to humans from blood-feeding insects such as mosquitoes and black flies. It is possible to treat these insect bites using eclipta alba. The paste will reduce the inflammation caused by the bites, and also alleviate the pain caused by the infection.

    First, a thick paste must be created using sesame seed oil as a base. The leaf must be crushed up and mixed into the sesame seed oil, then the paste is applied liberally over the swollen area. It is also necessary to apply the paste to the glands that are swollen as a result of filariasis.

    Urticaria, or "hives", are allergy rashes composed of round, red welts on the skin. They itch like crazy and, because they are caused by allergies, the swelling that accompanies the itching can be severe; even life-threatening. Thankfully eclipta alba can treat urticaria very easily.

    As with the treatment of filariasis, we need to prepare a sesame seed oil paste using crushed eclipta leaves. This paste is a strong antinflammatory agent with analgesic properties. It will soothe the rash, reduce the swelling and remove the risks associated with dangerous over-swelling of the affected area.

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