TopicHow to Create Ideas of Products and Business

  • Mon 20th Feb 2017 - 9:05am

    Share Power. At meetings, give the lead to your employees so they learn how to lead too.Seek feedback. Ask employees how you are doing as a leader. Listen to what they say and be open to change.Focus everyone on pleasing the customer. Turn their attention outward, to the market, rather than inward at the boss. This produces better performance.Share a framework for change. Start by setting down over-arching goals, then ask people for strategies to achieve them. Don’t think of strategy and implementation as separate spheres; engage employees in both.Behave like a leader, not a dominator. Don’t try to win by intimidation. Define leadership in terms of creating environments for success for everyone—yourself, included.

    Break down silos. Identify areas where territoriality is getting in the way, and find strategies to end turf wars and foster cooperation; sponsor leadership challenges in the organization that requires teams of people from different areas to work together on vital business challenges.Be the change. Asking others to change doesn’t create change. You need to change how you interact with others: Show, don’t tell.
    Be human. By admitting when you are wrong and showing that you can turn a mistake into a “learning moment,” you teach employees that they can do it too. Celebrate We. Share the credit and spread the praise—emphasize that “we are all in this together.”

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