TopicToyama: Providing Sturdy and Hard-wearing Rubber Tracks for Excavators

  • Sat 18th Mar 2017 - 5:10am

    Demands of excavator are rising day-by-day because nowadays excavators are used for various purposes. Standard excavator, knuckle boon excavators, long reach excavator, spider excavator, swamp excavator, zero swing excavator and new mini excavator (miniescavatori nuovi) are some of the excavators which are generally used in industrial fields and constructional purposes for different types of work. Excavators are also used in harvesting work and clearing off waste material from the land. Rubber tracks are one of the important part of excavators upon which its working depends thus it is crucial to purchase superior rubber tracks for the proper functioning of this machine.

    Toyama is a company that manufactures and sells rubber tracks. Toyama is Forli, Italy, based company which started in 2010 under parent company Bets Ltd. Now it has become one of the leading brands that manufacture top-quality of rubber tracks and sell them online. Large rubber made tracks can be commonly found in each and every type of excavator whether it is standard excavator or highly efficient spider excavator. As these rubber tracks often operate in harsh environment thus they are prone to wear and tear and thus needed to be replaced after a specific period of time.

    With highly experienced and skilled staff, Toyama is able to deliver superlative products to the customers. This is one of the renowned companies that are online selling rubber tracks and mini excavator for sale (miniescavatore vendita). Detailed information and price quotation of their every product is available on their website, which is easily accessible.

    Tracks made by Toyama are of high quality rubber and also these tracks are accurately designed using most advanced technology. Wire loop steel placed under links gives unmatchable durability to the track. Moreover, these tracks are designed in a manner that puts least pressure on the surface and this makes these tracks to perform well even on wet soils.

    Not just new tracks but Toyama also sells rubber tracks used (cingoli usati di gomma) in cheaper rates.

    For more information about their rubber tracks or for placing your order, please log on to

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