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  • Mon 20th Mar 2017 - 6:46am

    It’s almost impossible to go physically in different localities and search flats, because there are too many. Getting details, facilities and quotations of any particular condominium at one place are very difficult, again, because there are too many. A condominium, also called condo is a property divided into many units and every unit is separately owned. Well, condos are pretty common form of dwellings, especially in big cities and urban centers. Condos are a better option than the other housing real estates as they occupy less space and offer living space for larger number of people. Flats in new condo launch Singapore are normally available at competitive rates.

    Wouldn’t it be good if information and details of all condos suitable to your budget and to your convenience available in one place? It will be great! Right? Singapore Show Flat is a website which does the same thing for you. You can call it an online catalog for flats and Pasir Ris condo. This online source showcases the list of all new launch condos, flats available for rent and flats for resale in whole Singapore.

    Singapore Show Flat has made real estate searching easy, quick and convenient. One does not need to roam around different localities or to approach property dealers for flats, all you need to do is type Showflat on google and that’s it everything will be in front of your eyes. On all available deals are posted, from where you can find deal of your choice. They categorize available deals, according to localities as well, for example, if you want a flat in Potong Pasir then you will most likely find a category on showflat called Potong Pasir condo.

    Singapore Show Flat lists different property types from where you can specifically access what you need, types such as Commercial F&B, medical suits, duel key condo, cluster house, condo-apartment for rent, commercial office, executive condo, overseas property and many more. There will be original pictures of the property and all genuine information will be there for you, from pricing to specific facilities they give you all details. Showflat have something called property status from there you can see that for how long you can own the property, some categories are: - 99 year leasehold, 30 years, freehold/999 years, freehold, 50 years for foreigners.

    These were some exclusive condos, apartments etc. from many luxuries that Singapore Show Flat offers. Whether you want to look for an apartment or want to get it on rent or looking for a flat in any Marine Parade condo, Singapore Show Flat has all listed up on their website.

    Explore more about them on their website:

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