TopicThe Profit Kings Racing Tipster

  • Wed 6th Dec 2017 - 12:41pm

    It is understandable that the people you see in the betting shops day after day lose! You know the ones. The Profit Kings Those running to the counter to get a measly one pound bet on the next dog race? However it is more surprising that your more educated and seasoned amateur punter will also lose in the long run.

    A famous saying is that your income represents the average of the four closest people around you. Well maybe start to consider that your betting income could be the same? Therefore if you start surrounding yourself with the best people in the racing industry and learn from them in the process. Then you will be well armed to increase your returns. So without question, avoid becoming affiliated to the dog punter in the shop and taking any advice from this crowd.

    So many punters do not actually realise that they too, are more than likely to end up swimming with the majority of people that lose betting on horse racing tomorrow. That is made possible because even most really clued up of punters these days still, do not keep records of all their betting activity. Therefore many do not know if they are winning or losing long term! Absolutely crazy, but true. These people remember the good days and forget the bad, and that in a nutshell is what sends the bookmakers to Barbados every single year!

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