TopicHealthy Diet for Teen Athletes

  • Thu 12th Apr 2018 - 1:20pm

    All of us need Vitamin K. Are you taking Adrena Thrive omega 3, eating fish, have thinning bones, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac or Crohn's disease, heart problems or has anyone in your family been diagnosed with heart problems or are you post-menopausal? People who are eating a high amount of fat in their diet, it could be omega 3, omega 6 or omega 9, the type is of no concern, just that the increased fat intake increases the person's need for vitamin K and E.Vitamin K helps in thinning the blood allowing it to flow better. It has also been found to be helpful for people suffering from varicose veins or spider veins. People taking medicines to thin their blood are advised against taking vitamin K as it could cause the blood to thin too much resulting in excessive loss of blood if injured.

    I do not know anything about you but chances are that you are having troubles with your intestinal tract, along with millions of other people worldwide. Here I am going to tell you about prebiotics and probiotics and how they actually complement each other, in order to help you get over any digestive problems you might be experiencing.Let me introduce you to both of these first. Probiotics are contained in digestible food sources and are absorbed into the body. Prebiotics on the other hand are not digestible and in fact help in promoting the growth of probiotics. You can find prebiotics in a number of food groups. Fruits and vegetables are rich in carbohydrates which in turn are good sources of Prebiotics.

  • Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 3:20am

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  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 6:44pm

    Indeed, if you are a teen athelete, it is essential you take in the right kind of diet which is healthy and balance. I am not sure if such teens should be using recipes in the Zgout diet plan but I do not really have enough information to form a concrete evaluation. Anyways, the way you have encompassed the details of the diet for these teens, i am really impressed. You have done a very good job and I would like to read more in this regard.

  • Sun 13th May 2018 - 1:23pm

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