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  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 11:33am

    The insufficiency of the enzyme lactase does not Nutrition Hacks Greens directly cause the symptoms associated with the condition. The deficiency in lactase results to the non-breakdown of lactose. This creates a lactose buildup since the molecules of this complex sugar is too large to be absorbed. The lactose buildup attracts bacterial actions, which ferment the molecule. As a result, gaseous byproducts are produced. This results to upset stomach and flatulence. The byproducts of fermentation and accumulation of unabsorbed sugar result to the osmotic pressures in the colon. The osmotic differences lead to the rush of water into the colon, thereby resulting to diarrhea.

    This condition is relatively common worldwide but the statistical distribution varies depending on ethnicity and geographical location. For example, China has the highest rate of lactose intolerance incidence among adults. Approximately 75% of Chinese are lactose intolerant. On the other hand, Northern Europe has the lowest incidence estimated to be around 6% of the population.Only about 7% of North American Caucasians are lactose intolerant as compared to 50% of North American blacks and 60% of Native Americans have the same condition. The geographical and ethnic distribution of lactose intolerance is directly related to the prevalence of milk and other dairy products in the regular diet. A population or ethnic groups that commonly have milk in their diet tend to be more adapted to digesting lactose. This is an expected result based on evolutionary natural selection.

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