TopicSmartlipo - Is it a Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 11:43am

    Examine your regular meals and lifestyle and see if  Lean Body Hacks you can find several areas like these where you can cut down your portion size or switch out one food for another to make a small difference in your total calorie intake. Even if you just save 100 calories per meal, which is equal to around 1 tablespoon of butter or peanut butter, it will add up to almost 3 pounds of weight lost per month. So make some small changes in your diet and reap the weight loss benefits.
    Although we all have an abundance of information available on how to lose weight and become healthy, the fact is the most of us don't succeed in the long term. One popular theory to explain this is that our pre-determined body type and genetics play a large role in the shape of our bodies and how quickly we put on and lose weight.

    There are three main body types. The first, Mesomorphic, is the one most of us would see as the perfect body -- athletic and slender, but muscular and well-proportioned. Most athletes and dancers have this body type. Generally, those with mesomorphic bodies need to watch what they eat and how they exercise in order not to gain too much excess weight, especially as they get older and their metabolism slows down, but they are not prone to put on excessive weight. By applying solid weight loss principles of good, balanced nutrition and regular exercise, these people should have no difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight range.

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