Topic How Can I Be a Good Parent to a Child With ODD?

  • Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 11:47am

    Deliver your message in a calm manner. Use pauses and Optimind Review silences between important steps to allow the child to process the information. Use your voice to emphasize key words that let the child know that particular word is significant. If possible, physically show them or use hand gestures to get the message across.

    Once the delivery is complete, ask the child to repeat what you have told them. If they missed something or did not quite grasp certain parts of the message, restate only those pieces. Follow-up with the child to ensure the task was completed to your satisfaction.

    Do you want to learn exactly how to eliminate your child's out-of-control and defiant behavior without using Punishments, Time-Outs, Behavioral Plans, or Rewards?

    Remember the good old days when you and your partner sat down and enjoyed a quiet meal at the table? Then kids entered the picture and those days seem to be long gone. That does not have to be the case. You can enjoy a pleasant meal with your entire family by implementing a few techniques into your mealtime.

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