Topic OCD Schizophrenia - The Fact Behind Differences and Similarities

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 1:17pm

    A client once told me that she Brain Stimulator Method wasted a lot of time watching her bird feeder. To me, this was how she relaxed, replenishing her creative and spiritual needs; hardly a waste of time. She was opening up to what was, living in the moment. This is most definitely a good use of time unless she does it all day. Sometimes our need to be productive and efficient gets in our way.

    Among the clients I work with are creative people who get stuck. I believe everyone is creative to some degree. They want more out of life; they recognize they have some talents but they either lack focus, discernment, or confidence in their abilities. After a lot of trying, they have little to show for their gifts but feelings of confusion and a sense of frustrated potential. It doesn't help that generating ideas and solutions is generally underappreciated and undervalued. It's no wonder how a lot of creatives feel like they are spinning their wheels in the mud.


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