TopicHow to start AVG rescue CD?

  • Thu 11th Oct 2018 - 2:03pm

    In order to start the use of AVG rescue CD insert it into the system, if in case your system needs a set up for the use of the CD then get it done and restart the system after that as you see the AVG rescue CD boot screen then press F1 for setting up the boot options, the computer will boot up and will automatically mount the hard drives and will also set the network connection then confirm the start of automatic update. For any more help or support with regard to AVG antivirus related issues connect with the trained technical team.

    If AVG antivirus gets you stuck anywhere into any sort of issue or trouble then forgetting that resolved within the short time span and up to full accuracy, it is necessary that the user turns to the clan of trained, certified and experienced technicians sitting at the AVG help desk. The user can very easily connect to the technicians through AVG Support Number UK. The technicians are well trained by leading institutes in order to keep the fix of technical glitches and errors smooth and user-friendly.

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