Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • th0rsteinnf

    Þorsteinn is one of the youngest Icelandic talents and at a young age of 16 he was invited to trial with CAZ after rating Iceland's highest player during Tuddinn LAN 2017. Within a short period he has adapted to a new way of playing with more experienced players and is a driving point for the team as a dominant rifler. Þorsteinn has continuously shown a keen personality since joining the team in February 2017....Read More

  • peterrr

    Pétur is best known for staying calm, especially under pressure and possesses top notch movement. Since th0rsteinnf’s arrival to the CAZ lineup Pétur saw the immediate rifling potential of the young talent and used his experience to dedicate himself into a more supportive team role. He is a renowned aimer and is known for his amazing movement within the Icelandic scene. Pétur has fantastic situational awareness which helps him fulfill his role extremely well....Read More

  • kruzer

    Kristján is the captain and the in game leader of the team. He is a Counter Strike: Source veteran and brings in plenty of experience. He is renowned within Iceland for his clutch plays and his aggressive rifling play style as an in game leader. The captain has a great read on the game and is feared for his entry fragging abilities....Read More

  • ofvirkur

    ofvirkur is the main awper for the team and the 2nd caller when the time calls. As the strongest sniper in Iceland he brings forward a lot of firepower and experience towards CAZ. He has played alongside kruzer from their first experience with Counter-Strike: Source. He is also known for his passion for the game and is a very vocal player....Read More

  • capping

    CaPPiNg started playing CSS in 2008 and after a few years joined into his first competitive lineup which took him onwards to CS:GO. At this time the current CAZ roster formed as a team adding CaPPiNg. The well rounded player helped fight alongside his teammates to becoming the #1 team in Iceland. He was removed from the lineup over a period but showed his worth and fought back to the top of the Icelandic scene eventually being reunited with the guys. CaPPiNg brings forward a rich understanding of the game , being a dominant 2nd AWPer and feared player within the Icelandic scene, he is most known for his different play style within the team being a calm & collective player which he can bring to his team mates in tense situations...Read More

  • Caspian -L-

    Caspian started playing competitive counter strike January 2016 and quickly joined into MALIK followed by after Insomnia Spring LAN i57. After 1500 hours & 9 months learning CS as an in game leader he had the opportunity to learn with a Swedish eSports professor and after this he decided to become a coach. He was later approached by WarMonkeys Iceland in early Feb 2017 and has been working alongside them since....Read More