• Elexum

    Elexum started playing Smite on PC during the Alpha of Smite. For a long time he was just a casual player, then he started joining the EU Challenger scene and got noticed by some Xbox players. He is now the Captain and Support for this team. He has already racked up some great achievements on the game and looks to progress even further up the ranks....Read More

  • OverPoweredUSB

    OverPoweredUSB is a player that has always been around the top Challenger Cup level, being a solo lan’er, however after a transition to jungle has found great success in now becoming an SCL player after making it through the Spring Split Relegations...Read More

  • Minos

    Minos has been playing SMITE since November 2013 and has been competing in SMITE for over 2 years. After playing in the challenger cup and SPL relegations on PC he decided the make the transition over to Xbox SMITE. He has now found himself on an SCL roster for the second time, hoping to prove himself as one of the top solo laners in Europe....Read More

  • ManLikeJeron

    Jeron has been playing Smite since May 2014 on PC. Then once Xbox Smite was released he made the transition. Since then has competed at the top level of the European scene. He is extremely excited to be representing CAZ esports in the upcoming SCL. ...Read More

  • Dobson

    Dobson started playing Smite in the closed Alpha stage of Xbox. He won the first European LAN and placed 3rd at the first Xbox SWC in S2. He's making his return to the EU competitive scene and is excited to be playing for CAZ in the SCL. We are very happy to have a player of his skill on-board!...Read More