• ItsAka

    Hello! My name is Mia also known as Aka or ItsAka on TwitchTv. I'm from Ontario, Canada, and like so many others out there, I have an undeniable obsession with Video Games. My stream is based around a variety of games in which I love playing for my viewers! You can watch Mia stream at ...Read More

  • Lol_Katey

    My name is Katey or better known to my viewers as Lol_Katey! I am from Vancouver, Canada and I am 19 years old. I've always loved watching video games ever since I was a young. Watching others play gave me a lot of enjoyment, so when I realized I could play games and give people that sort of feeling I was all for it! I then made the decision to build my first PC, and the following week I began to stream....Read More

  • tomkis90

    Hello my name is Tomkis and I am not gonna try to attract you with some fancy words or anything like that because I'm a simple man and I dont do such things.Basically if you like talking and watching someone try to be funny by doing and saying things that should not be said or done, you should check me out because that what I'm all about. - More

  • ksipp

    Been playing video games for as long as i can remember, spent a long time playing all of the Call Of Duty titles but now my main focus is League of Legends and seeing how far i can progress through the ranking system that the game offers. I've always wanted to stream from the beginning of when i got into 'eSports' and gaming, but never could with a family computer so i decided to build my own and start streaming a few weeks ago.  Feel free to tune in and follow ...Read More