League of Legends: Our Intentions

Tue 19th Aug 2014 - 11:42am : Gaming

As all of you will know, and if you don't then you will now. League of Legends is the biggest Esports title on the planet, with professional leagues all across the globe and world championships being hosted in the best venues the world has to offer, it is with no joke that we intend to try to tap into this highly exclusive and lucrative moba game! Now we know that there are a 100 different teams out there who have the ability to beat the best and we know that there are a lot of free agents in the League community looking for starts ups just like us. 

Using expert knowledge from experienced staff we will look for the right players and bring together a unique team that will conquer all. We won't rush this team so our first event won’t be till the winter, however we have our eyes set on the UK tournament hosted by Multiplay at iSeries first, and then Europe second. As CazuaLL Esports is still in planning and under a lot of work. We will announce shortly on how you can apply to compete under our organisation!


Ben Bagg

Ben Bagg

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