CAZ eSports welcomes CAZ.Blue CS:GO

Mon 19th Sep 2016 - 2:37pm : General : Gaming

We are delighted to introduce five new players that are going to be welcomed into CAZ eSports who will be competing officially under the name CAZ.Blue! After taking a short hiatus with our plans for a second CS:GO team we are excited to once again be actively continuing our project and working hard to develop eSports competitors. The CAZ.Blue roster will consist of... 


Matteo 'DestruS' Manzi

Aaron 'torN' Dixon

Dominic 'Dom' Sinclair-Moore

Scott 'HydRex' Baldwin

Louis 'viziQ' Uncles


Upon joining CAZ eSports support player Matteo Manzi had this to say!

"We are ecstatic to be joining such a prolific organisation. We know we have the line-up capable of improving our skills within the game and providing results at the same time. CAZ is an organisation more than capable of providing us with the foundations required for a team to grow and we cannot wait to begin working alongside them. We aim to improve constantly and grow as a team and show what we can do in the UK."

We hope the #CAZarmy welcomes the CAZ.Blue team and supports them as they compete week in week out! 




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