CazuaLL Esports is alive!

Tue 19th Aug 2014 - 11:36am : General : Gaming

Cazuall Esports is happy to announce itself to the world today, and we are very much looking forward to bringing you some of great content along with some amazing players. Here at CAZ we will be working hard on developing players into real stars, tapping into their amazing talent to help them turn that into hard earned experience.

We won't just be attending events and meeting our fans but we intend to deliver some top class video content as well as live action for you to always be in the loop! We will also hold monthly give aways and some amazing competitions giving you the opportunity to see what our sponsors are capble of doing! We work with the best, we want the best and we will deliver the best!

Our official launch date will be the 30th September where we will be looking forward to officially announcing all of our sponsors, players and management so you know just who is behind the CAZ esports curtain!


Cazuall Esports

Ben Bagg

Ben Bagg

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