TopicDave - LiquidTheGod

  • Fri 29th Aug 2014 - 5:01am

    Hello Caz!

    Start with the basics, I LOVE Games!

    The names Dave, Massive League of Legends fan, You will find me on the rift under LiquidTheGod.

    Currently Diamond Elo. Jungle / ADC Main and looking to setup a team shortly so look out for us!


    I'm an ex-cod player mainly Call of Duty 4. I do believe me and CazuaLL had a few runs against each other on 1v1 Shipment. Never really took the game seriously, I preffered to stick to online tournaments and Gamebattles


    Always happy to lend a helping hand, so just hit me up on here or In-game


    Cya nerds!

    Vote yes for a better future!
  • Sat 17th Sep 2016 - 6:25am

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