TopicStrategies for Cancer Patients

  • Mon 4th Apr 2016 - 12:54pm

    There are equal emotional, mental and physical components to cancer. Recent statistics show that 4 out of 10 Americans Pure Natural Healing Review will be challenged with some form of cancer in their lifetime. The good news however is that cancer need not be fatal. The road to healing is paved with many natural options for you to incorporate into a new lifestyle. Yes there is some effort involved, but it can also be an enjoyable process as you journey back to health. Many of the emotional and mental components can be addressed through the use of daily relaxation and guided imagery. Others involve physical and necessary changes to lifestyle and nutrition.

    The emotional component of cancer is a very important aspect. There are certain issues that you should address that have been linked with developing cancer in the body. The first is anger. Repressed anger, either at oneself or at another needs to be healed. Holding in anger literally eats at the soul. Dealing with the challenge of cancer allows you the opportunity to change your perspective on life and relationships. Anger ultimately deeply hurts you - not necessarily the other person. The point of all of life's challenges is for personal growth. Life really does hold deep meaning.

    Disappointment is the next emotional component to be aware of. What disappointments do you have in life? Write them down and slowly go through each one and forgive yourself. Sometimes we hold ideas and ideals about the way life should be. We experience disappointment when things don't turn out as expected - but sometimes this disappointment becomes deeply ingrained and colors our whole life experience and outlook. We must look closely at our personal disappointment and understand that tomorrow always represents a new opportunity.

    Sure you may never get back yesterday or ten years ago, you may never relive a former experience, but you can still benefit from the good and the learning that came out of such experiences. One idea I'd like to share with you is that there really are no mistakes in life - only learning opportunities. If you do not yet believe this, I invite you to play with the possibility for a while and try it on for size. Whatever disappointments you have experienced, look back at those things and ask yourself how you are able to grow from those experiences rather than carrying the burden in your heart as sorrow.

    Failure is similar to disappointment, and they go hand in hand. Failure however, is only your perception. Perhaps you did not achieve something you set out to, but think about what else happened along the way. Think about the people you met, the relationships, the seeds you may have planted, the lives you may have perhaps touched in some way. Shift your thinking about failure and what actually constitutes success or failure. Why are your thoughts necessarily the only way? Is there another way to think about this? When we stop looking at the world as just black and white, right and wrong - we are able to come to a space of joyful being, experiencing simply what is, without judgment. There is so much to be grateful for in life. Shift your thoughts to what you are grateful for and release your feelings of failure.


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