TopicThe Relational Database Management System

  • Wed 29th Jun 2016 - 7:33am

    Nesdek Inc ReviewIf you work in a large office, you can share the DTC 400e in a network setting using the optional Ethernet or internal print server. Fargo recommends the DTC 400e for small to mid-sized businesses, K-12 schools, regional and local government agencies, and membership and loyalty clubs.

    HID has made recent enhancements to the Fargo printers like the DTC400e in order to address important customer requirements, and improve the encoding functionality and overall user experience of using these type of printers. One new feature is the Raw Binary Magnetic Encoding option. This improves users' control over magnetic stripe encoding. There are now options to add leading zeros or reverse the bit order. This means that the resulting id card has been encoded for use in non-ISO card systems like the VingCard. Another feature is the improvement of the JIS II Magnetic Encoding Capability. The magnetic encoding now supports a wider range of characters such as 0x7e ("|").

    To order the JIS II upgrade kit, remember, that the part number for the DTC400e feature is 054314. With the new upgrades, it is also easier to do rewritable print jobs. The printer now supports dual sided rewritable cards. Thus, the front and back of id cards can be erased and printed during a single print job. This saves the user the trouble of running the card through the printer twice.


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