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  • Wed 29th Jun 2016 - 7:42am

    Quick Cash Method Review Many people are trying to decide between Preservation of Wealth and Numis Network as their primary home business. In this article I want to give you some of the similarities and differences between these two great companies, in an effort to help you in your decision making process.Both Preservation of Wealth and Numis Network were launched in the summer of 2009, in fact their public launches were just 3 weeks apart. Numis offered an impressive marketing system and quickly began drawing some of the top names in the world of internet network marketing. With the addition of David Wood in the spring of 2010, this momentum continued to build, quickly bringing Numis to a place of prominence in the network marketing world. Being in the background has not deterred the management team at Preservation of Wealth in their business building efforts either. President and founder, Justin Davis has also been bringing in network marketing leaders with a high level of business building experience.

    Although both companies offer precious metals as their primary products and work off of a binary compensation model, there are distinct differences between the two companies that need to be examined. First and foremost, is the fundamental foundation of the two businesses. Numis Network is targeted towards those who are interested in accumulating high grade collectible coins. Preservation of Wealth focuses on those who are interested in accumulating quantities of precious metals, focused more on the gold and silver content than on coin grading. This means that a likely Numis buyer is going to be more interested in picking up high grade coins, while a PoW buyer is more interested in purchasing bullion for the silver and gold content. For example a Numis buyer would want to spend $100 for an MS-70 graded coin, while a PoW buyer would want their same $100 to purchase 4 ounces of silver bullion. While Numis focuses on offering the highest grade coins to its members, Preservation of Wealth focuses on offering its members gold and silver coins, bullion and numismatics at cost to allow greater accumulation of the desired precious metals.

    Both companies offer two levels of enrollment. These two levels have different focuses as well. The lower cost level is targeted towards business building and not asset accumulation. In Numis the basic enrollment level is $75, which gives you access to the marketing system and back office. This level requires $9.95 per month for the back office and marketing system. This level also gives the distributor an MS-70 graded coin for joining. The executive level is $495 and also includes an MS-70 graded coin, plus a collector's case, complimentary coin grading vouchers and a few other perks. Members at the executive level also pay $9.95 per month for the back office and marketing system. Preservation of Wealth offers a sales rep enrollment level for $50 per year, that entitles an individual access to the back office and marketing systems, with no monthly fees. There are no coins included at this level of enrollment, nor are sales reps allowed to purchase bullion and coins at cost. The member level of Preservation of Wealth is $249 per year. Those joining at the member level receive 2 American Silver Eagle coins, they also receive an additional 2 coins with the renewal of their membership each year. Members are allowed to purchase coins, bullion and numismatics at cost and also have access to regular price point specials. There are no quantity limitations for member purchases of precious metals.






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