TopicCBRNE Tech Index: A Reliable Database on CBRNE Detection Equipment

  • Thu 14th Jul 2016 - 10:13am

    Major countries for their defense purposes depend on heavy nuclear explosive for protecting their self interests and safeguarding their population. Now the question is who’s responsible for proper evaluation and detection of these chemicals, agents, radioactive technologies and the regulation of nuclear resources at laboratories? Well! The security agencies and law enforcement departments use CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and Explosives) detection and evaluation equipment as a protective measure against the possible threats that may arise from the aforementioned components.

    CBRNE Tech Index is a database developed by MRIGlobal and made available for the industries and government agencies to tackle the evaluation of CBRNE in an effective manner. MRIGlobal is an institute that specializes in chemical detection evaluation and testing of biological, nuclear and radioactive elements. They also develop preventive technologies against toxic industrial chemicals and materials, explosives, and chemical and biological agents that should be kept under controlled conditions.

    CBRNE Tech Index is an independent, unbiased and reliable database that comprises detailed information of all sorts of CBRNE test and detection equipment. With the help of MRIGlobal’s research, they manufacture lab equipment used for detection of chemicals, radiological, nuclear and biological substances, and explosives. Their products range from colorimetric strips to high class lab analysis equipment. Their database matches the US military standards and is available for all the law enforcement and public safety agencies in the US. The database is based on thorough research done by experienced professionals. Information on around 300 explosive and 125 radiological detection equipment can be found in the CBRNE Tech index database.

    CBRNE testing is done on detection limits, selectivity and resistance to interferences, decontamination requirements and human factors. They also provide custom tech analysis, test and evaluation services on their website, so that everyone can view, search and analyze the products best suited for their needs. They also offer biological detection products like, cell culture, electrophoresis, flow cytometry, and spectrometry amongst other services. They also incorporate imaging techniques, spectrometry tests, calorimetric test, sensing equipment and other chemical detection devices and relevant information on it in their database.

    For more information on CBRNE Tech Index, visit their website,

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