Interview with our CSGO Player r0m!

Tue 3rd Nov 2015 - 6:14pm : Gaming

Hello there! So we know you as a member of our CSGO team! Can you explain to our fans what you do for the team?

I play a lot of solo roles for the team, and support. I help the entry fraggers advance, and do what I can to set them up, and ultimately re-frag behind dephh and kryptix on executions.On the CT side, I pretty much play a solo role on every map. These spots tend to be the spots that get the least options, but you have to concentrate 100% of the time so you don't get caught out.

So what made you pursue counter strike? What made you get into the game, when did you and what’s attracted you to stay into it?

I was first introduced to CS 1.6 by some friends in school, I used to exclusively play UWC3 (Warcraft) servers, where you'd level your character etc on a set of servers made by DumB, I fell in love with the statistics on the website and set my goal to become the best player in the whole community... (However I spent 3 years playing on a PC that would literally get less than 40fps.) I've played CS non-stop for about 8 years now. When I moved to Manchester for University in 2011, I bought a good PC to be able to play CS, unfortunately I had some input lag on peripherals, and the first 10 pages of Google didn't have a successful resolution. So I quit for a year, changed a few things on my PC, and eventually the input lag disappeared, so from then in 2012, I've played CS non stop, daily/weekly.  I just have the biggest passion in the world for this game. My love for Counter-Strike is  second to none, I just want to be able to play 12 hours a day... every day!

Since you joined CAZ, as a team, You have been considered top 2 within the UK! Would you say you can easily contend with the rest of Europe and where would you rank yourself compared to other teams?

To say we'd stand a chance right now against the top European teams would be delusional... However the tier 2-3 teams we can definitely hold our own. We're still a new team, and we're progressing quite fast. The most important part for me is  that we keep on improving,  I always like to ask myself the same question, “Am I / are we better today than I/We were 2 weeks ago” as long as the answer to that is  yes, then I'm happy.

Out of your team and the Danish ones, who has been your favourite to team with and why?

I haven't played with the Danish community team so I can't answer there! But for me, my favourite player to play with is Dephh. The guy is just on another level to every other player i've ever played with or against, and he's head and shoulders above everyone in the UK when it comes to fragging.  I've played with Dephh now for nearly 3 years, I'd consider him a great friend and an amazing teammate.

If you could give any advice to the CAZ community to make it in CSGO, What would it be?

Obviously practice... and lots of it. The most important thing you can do is learn from your mistakes, every time you do something wrong, or get killed easily,  there's normally a justifiable reason to why it happened. Take advice from people that are better than you when you're playing pugs! Even ask them what you can do if something keeps happening! Good players love it when people ask them what they should do. In terms  of team improvement, the first rule people need to understand about CS is that you have to accept not everyone in the team will be the same skill, players will inevitably be better than one another. Find a set of teammates you enjoy playing with,  keep playing as many tournaments as possible, and probably the most important thing you can do is watch demos of better players that play your spots on CT.

Lastly! What events are you aiming/looking to attend and what’s your progress in the leagues you’re playing?

The most important LAN event upcoming one for me is iSeries in December, I want to win that LAN so bad, winning that will set us up to potentially go to the likes of CPH games next year.Online, we're sitting at 8 wins and 4 losses on ESEA, we should qualify for the playoffs. We're one match away from qualifying for SLTV star series, which will mean the following season we should be matching up with the best teams in the world!


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