• CazuaLLUK

    Liam Biggs

    CAZ Esports CEO & Founder Liam Biggs is well known in the technology world from his YouTube brand CazuallUK. Also with his past 7 years of COD esports experience ranging from being a player himself to becoming management he is clearly a veteran of COD esports. Liam dedicates most of his spare time to his YouTube and CAZ Esports trying to develop one of the leading UK brands. ...Read More

  • The Kaiser

    Ben Bagg

    CAZ Esports COO Ben is an Esports veteran in the ametuer & Semi-professional scene. Working with a number of UK organisations he has gained experience in all aspects of Esports management. Some of his accomplishments are helping his team Animate Esports attend the first Gfinity invitational event in London on the 26th floor of a sky scraper!...Read More

  • eSportsLaws

    Eren Lawrence

    Eren is the Marketing Manager for CAZ eSports. Mostly known for his work in the Call of Duty eSports scene Eren decided to change paths and enter the PC eSports space with CAZ eSports in the spring of 2015. ...Read More