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Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 8:39pm : General


It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that HYPE Energy will be the official beverage sponsor of CAZ eSports. Known worldwide for working closely wih Formula 1 team Force India and its supreme athletes, HYPE helps to deliver maximum energy to ensure optimal performaces. As dedicated eSports athletes it is essential to maintain hydrated and energised as you take your enemies one game at a time. Originally launched in 1994 by the founder of the Hard Rock Café, HYPE Energy was heavily involved in motor-sport in its early years; first by sponsoring the Arrows Formula One team and subsequently Benetton F1, Williams F1, a NASCAR outfit and several motorbike teams. Associated with the Formula One party lifestyle and with a strong presence in the paddock, HYPE Energy committed huge funds to sponsorship in order to achieve global recognition and establish worldwide distribution.

As we prepare for a fantastic working relationship with HYPE Energy, CEO of CAZ eSports Liam Biggs had this to say: 

"After trying HYPE Energy for the first time in early 2016, I pursued them regarding a sponsorship for my eSports team as I thought they would be a really good company to work with. In additon to this they were already doing huge things in the world of sport by getting involved with Formula 1 team Force India so I really admired their sense of ambition and passion. I am very happy to announce that HYPE Energy will support CAZ eSports through the rest of 2016 and well in to 2017, which I hope will run on even further as we hope to make this a very fruitful partnership!"

We also obtained a statement from Manu Álvarez, the Social Media Manager at HYPE Energy. He had this to say:

“We are very happy to be partnering up with Cazuall Esports and increasing our visibility in the industry. Liam Biggs has been showing us a lot of support over the past months and we see potential for both our companies to benefit from promotional visibility and mutual social media activity.”


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