Interview with our CEO CazuaLLUK!

Thu 22nd Oct 2015 - 10:29pm : General : Gaming

Since most people know you from your YouTube channel, what made you choose tech videos/reviews as a baseline for your content?

I always had a passion for technology, with gaming technology being at the forefront of my passion. I also knew at the time of starting not many people on YouTube were focusing on this sector. So it gave me a chance to pull in some subscribers with early unique content around certain products.

Since you do a lot of tech videos, what’s your favourite piece of tech you have reviewed?

I would have to say it’s the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV, it is amazing. I use it every day in many different ways. Especially for catching up on YouTube content via my TV or streaming games from my PC to my TV.

Another thing some people might not know is that you work for GTOmegaRacing! What do you do for them?

I run the social media side of GT Omega Racing heavily on my own, due to it being something I enjoy I do have a huge passion for it. It is certainly very busy as Gaming office chairs are the thing to have lately. I like the staff there and I have total freedom in my role, as you can see the brand has gone from strength to strength so I must be doing something right!

When CAZ was created in the summer of last year, what made you want to get into eSports alongside your growing YouTube channel?

Obviously it’s no secret I generate a fair bit of revenue from my online brand, also being on YouTube in the product review sector means I have a lot of close relationships and contact with the people inside companies. I knew this would help with securing sponsors which in turn would grow the organisation pretty fast and put us on the map.

With the recent acquirement of CAZ.DK, the Danish Counter Strike team, How do you feel of their performance has been?

It’s been good for sure, we are happy with it so far and it adds another social reach to the brand as they are from Denmark. They are also very active as a team and very easy to work with, let’s hope they keep improving!

While CAZ is becoming one of the most promising UK organisations in eSports at the moment, what games are you looking to bring to CAZ?

We are looking in to HALO big time due to the upcoming huge $1 million tournament, which could be massive in scale for the players and teams who will participate. We have our eyes open to all games, and as we secure a few more sponsors who are not far away we can maybe branch out to a few more PC titles. Let’s see what happens! 




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