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  • Wed 13th Jul 2016 - 11:42am

    Indoor trampoline parks are one of the newest concepts in the family amusement industry. They offer the ideal combination of fun and fitness. The reputation of these parks is making exercise happening amongst kids and sparking a transformed interest in trampolining as a sport. The Trampoline Park for kids offers fun play and be full of life at their own pace for the optional amount of time.

    Apart from the understandable fun factor involved, there are many health benefits that come with exercising from a premature age. Physical benefits are diverse and they consist of very competent cardiovascular exercises which provide an amplified heart rate and a significant workout for the heart. Jumping on a trampoline builds up the feet muscles and all the muscles up to the stomach. These 2 health benefits unite for an influential mixture that is very competent in losing weight. Intensification of the muscles increases the immunity and speeds up the burning of fat. It also helps in increasing the density of bones preventing fractures and helps your kid improve body movements. How you jump is up to you. You can get along with your own freestyle moves in the bounce area or you can join in with team sports such as basketball and dodge ball all on super fun trampolines.

    One such park in Singapore, Skyhigh Trampoline Park, is an indoor trampoline facility that offers sun and frolic trampoline activities for kids. At Sky High they also have a super sized air bag that can be used to merge your dreams with reality when improvising your aerial stunts. Also, there is no boundation to how much fun you can have, enjoy your hour of nonstop air time. The jump spaces are enclosed wall to wall with trampolines and all frames and coils are covered with two-inch-thick safety pads and they also have a variety of trampoline safety rules. You’ll love Sky High for its consideration to jumpers of all ages, abilities and requirements.

    About Skyhigh Trampoline Park

    Skyhigh Trampoline Park is an indoor trampoline Singapore which is the best source of entertainment and wellness. They offer special jump sessions for kids under age 6 and also offer various weekly and monthly activity programs for people of all ages.

    To book online and check their timings or to have more information, visit

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