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Wed 13th Jul 2016 - 4:10pm : General : Gaming

PRESS STATEMENT - 13th July 2016

Over the past few days statements have been made about CAZ eSports and our former team in regards to false promises, organizational failures at Dreamhack and financial troubles. Firstly as eSports enthusiasts and secondly as a company, we will take full responsibility for all these transgressions. As a management team, we mishandled the episode and we would like to apologize not just to the players but also to staff and sponsors for the situation.


The organisation has been around for 2 years and in this time we have never had an issue like this before, every event has been paid for in full before the date, every promise has been fulfilled to players and I hope those players who we have worked extremely well within the past will attest that CAZ eSports are not a “shady” organisation but a company that has made a very big mistake.

Initially when we signed the team we made promises that we were then unable to keep. Even though we had two months of preparation time this year’s DreamHack was our first Non UK Event. Despite thinking we had everything planned correctly and a budget in place, initial costs were a lot higher than expected meaning a shortfall. At the time were not completely honest with our team about this. This meant that the travel and food expenses which were promised were initially not available to give.

We would like to add that since the event we have reimbursed all known expenses.

Since the return from DreamHack, our company has put measures in place to ensure that we stay strong, determined and never make these mistakes again. We will do everything in our power to ensure our Team have everything they require at each event we attend.

We will use these short comings at our first international event to learn and ensure our team enjoys any future events we attend.

Unfortunately aside from the above failings, we also over promised things to our team from the outset of our working relationship and subsequently under delivered on those promises. This was not acceptable. Again, we will learn from this and put measures in place to ensure our future players well-being and happiness via a dedicated HR Manager, and as an organisation, we will ensure everything offered is done so in an official way

To our former team, we are very sorry for your experience at DreamHack, promises and your general experience with CAZ. NONE OF IT IS EXCUSABLE.

To all of our previous players, we know many of you have had great experiences with us at all of the events we have attended and competed in online, please remember us in this light and let us work to remind you who, as an organisation, we once were and  show you who we will strive to become.

To our fans. We know we have also let you down massively. We will do everything in our power to rebuild our reputation and show UK eSports and the eSports scene in general that CAZ eSports will learn and we will rebuild.



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The Kaiser

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