• Elexum

    Elexum started playing Smite on PC during the Alpha of Smite. For a long time he was just a casual player, then he started joining the EU Challenger scene and got noticed by some Xbox players. He is now the Captain and Support for this team. He has already racked up some great achievements on the game and looks to progress even further up the ranks....Read More

  • Switch

    Switch started playing during the second season of Xbox smite. He played 3 seasons of the Challenger Cup, and in the second season he ended up playing in relegations but didn’t make SCL. This time around with CAZ he managed to win the Challenger Cup with his team and win relegations without losing a single game. His role for the team is support....Read More

  • atonement

    Atonement had played PC Smite for 3 years before moving to XBOX as the mid-laner for Team Rival. After a successful first split the team encounter some issues and therefore he moved back his main role ADC where he finished out the year. He left Rival due to personal clashes and he’s now looking to make his way back to the top while in CAZ eSports....Read More

  • Mr Turtle I

    Turtle has been around the Xbox Smite competitive scene from the beginning. He has played support throughout the 3 splits he has been involved in. He is a very well-known player and respected in the scene. He decided to join CAZ eSports in the Fall Split as a solo laner and really works well in his role....Read More

  • Maloaise

    Maloaise started playing Smite on Xbox when it first came on the platform. For a long time he was just a casual player, then he started playing ranked and eventually got recognised by some of the top Xbox players. Maloaise has been competing in the Smite Console League since the fall split of 2016 and has been a part of organisations such as eXcellence Gaming, exceL Esports and eRa Eternity. Now looking for further success with Caz Esports....Read More