Player History: Arkel 'Snakey' Brown (HALO)

Mon 7th Sep 2015 - 12:24pm : General : Gaming

Full Name: Arkel Brown

Age: 19 

Past Teams: Reign - Insight - VwS

Current Team: CAZ Esports Halo

Arkel Brown otherwise known as 'Snakey' is a professional European Halo player currently under CAZ Esports. Known for his aggressive play style, Arkel first made a name for himself from his successes playing online tournaments. From these performances he was offered a spot on Reign Esports alongside; Deany, Wardy and Jayo. This team would later become the champions of Insomnia 51 taking down TG 6-4 in the Grand Finals. Despite his success under the Reign roster Arkel decided to move to VwS Esports, a line-up made up of; Snakey, Flamez, Snipedrone and previous teammate Deany. With the last Halo 3 event (i52) up ahead, Arkel looked to replicate his i51 performance and retain the title of Insomnia Halo champions. With this team Arkel was able to win Insomnia 52 in fantastic style dropping only one map throughout the entire competition taking down Infused 3-1 in the Grand Final.

With the Halo 3 competitive season now over a new game dawned amongst the Halo community. Arkel had decided to stick with the VwS roster going into the new competitive season. This roster was able to achieve 5th at the first Halo 2 Anniversary event (i53) and 6th at the Gfinity H2A Invitational. After these events Arkel decided to take on a new challenge and departed from the VwS roster. Going into i54 Arkel decided to form a team under Insight consisting of; himself, Hollers, Proxy and Flamez. However this team would not attend an event together as Hollers departed from the team due to personal issues and Proxy had failed to turn up to the event without giving his team notice. Therefore Arkel and Flamez had to form a last minute squad and decided to pick up Godshot and Havoc. This roster was able to achieve 4th place at i54 and despite an improvement from previous events Arkel was looking to be back on the podium. This led to the decision to form a team under CAZ Esports consisting of himself, Flamez, Godshot and Halo veteran Vard.

With an experienced roster and great backing from CAZ Esports, Arkel has been able to display some fantastic performances in recent months. This began with an invite to one of the world's largest gaming events, Gamescom. Arkel and the rest of the CAZ Esports line-up would compete against Epsilon, Supremacy and Optic Gaming in Cologne, Germany, and be the first players to experience Halo 5: Guardians in a competitive format. Although suffering a narrow defeat to Epsilon, the CAZ roster put on a fantastic showing and proved why they are one of the best teams in European Halo. Shortly after Gamescom the last Halo 2 Anniversary event (i55) was approaching, the CAZ Esports line-up were looking confident going into the event. With some fantastic performances, Arkel and the CAZ roster were able to achieve a 2nd place finish, he had this to say after their performance, "I'm loving the organisation and the support we are getting, I could not ask for better teammates." 

With a new competitive season approaching Arkel is looking to continue his form and replicate former successes under the CAZ Esports brand.

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