CAZ eSports welcome our first team!

Thu 18th Sep 2014 - 9:10pm : Gaming

Today we are proud to announce that CAZ eSports have picked up the 8th placing team from the recent gaming festival Insomnia 52. After the team showed an outstanding performance at the event we felt it was within our best interest to take in such talent and hopefully build a long lasting a successful relationship.

So without further ado I’d like to welcome the first team to join the CAZ family!

CAZ eSports:

Regan “Regan” Jowers (C) -
Jake “JMar” Martin -
Connor “CoNz” Jackson -
Tyler “DizzeR” Clark -

Team Captain Regan had the following to say about joining the organisation

“Myself, CoNz, DizzeR and JMar are all proud and honoured to be joining CAZ, and together us and the organisation are looking towards doing big things in the near future. We would all like to thank everyone in CAZ eSports for this fantastic opportunity and we won't let you down!”

CAZ eSports’ owner Liam Biggs also made a statement:

“After lots of decisions, communication and thought, my staff and I are proud to announce the first team to play under my brand new organisation; CAZ eSports. After an impressive performance at Multiplay’s i52 we have decided to recruit this team on commitment and skill. We plan to keep this team for the rest of Call of Duty Ghosts, and with them make the transition on to Advanced Warfare in the near future. I would like to welcome the guys on board and a special thank you to our sponsors TERRA & GT Omega Racing for making this possible!”

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to keep up to date on both the teams and CAZ eSports' progression!





Kyle Iddon

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