Counter Strike: Global Offensive (EU)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (EU)
  • r0m

    Ben Smith

    Ben is the support/lurker of the team and is the keenest player in the UK to grace the game. He has unbelievable knowledge of smokes/strats and pop flashes . Ben is a very smart player and a key asset to the teams success....Read More


    Owen Butterfield

    Smooya started playing csgo in October 2014, he never considered playing csgo as he was more focused on other games/activities going on. Shortly after just one year he is now a rising star within the UK scene. Mostly known for his ability with the awp. One of sm00yas best assets is his communication, for someone with a lack of experience playing in teams, his communication is indispensable to the team....Read More

  • zNf

    Donovan Froid

    Donovan started to play CS 1.6 back in 2001 but nothing serious until 2009. In 2015 he was a pro csgo player in the U.S. who played for EnemyGG during their premier to pro breakthrough. During this time he helped them achieve their goal of making pro. Some of Donovan's strongest attributes is his incredibly good aim together with the ability to work with his team to achieve the best possible end result, retrieving the win....Read More

  • JESP

    Jesper Johansson

    ...Read More

  • ync

    Yannick Van Boven

    Ync started playing csgo in august 2014. He briefly played some CS:Source back when he was very young but it was nothing serious. Ync has always had a passion for games, especially competitive ones but has never been addicted to a game like he is with csgo. Right now Ync am focused about becoming part of a competitive European team and advancing as a player, and is looking forward to this opportunity with CAZ....Read More