CAZ.Academy RED

CAZ.Academy RED
  • SarcasM

    Leon Haider

    My name is Leon Haider, Im currently the Captain and Coach for the CAZ Academy Line-up. I have been competing over a multitude of games and platforms during the last 6 Years. Starting with Games like RainbowSixVegas2 and then moving on to CoD on the Xbox. I have attended multiple LANs and worked with & for different organisations over those years. ...Read More

  • SMK

    Sam Biden

    Sam is the Support player for the CAZ.RED Academy roster. Sam has been competing in Counter Strike: Global Offensive for over three years attending one official offline event....Read More

  • Ebanks

    Liam Ebanks

    Liam is one of the two entry players in CAZ.RED. He started playing Counter-strike at a very young age but quit to Play Call of Duty in 2007 and has represented a couple of good organisations such as LiNK Gaming, SkitLite and ECVisualize. He made his return to Counter-Strike properly at the end of 2014....Read More

  • Ducky

    Mitchell Robertson

    Been playing counterstrike since 2004. Currently in-game leader for CAZ.RED!...Read More