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Thu 7th Apr 2016 - 5:16pm : General : Gaming
Today we are going to be speaking to one of the memebers of CAZ.RED, our academy team! 
For anyone who doesn't know who you are, can you introduce yourself to CAZ and what you do for us?
"I'm snow, the primary AWPer for CAZ Red. I'm fairly new to the competitive CS:GO scene and CAZ picked me up with the rest of the team. CAZ Red is an academy team, where we're being supported by the organisation to improve both individually and as a team. "
What have you taken from the experience? Any cool moments so far? 
"I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far in the team, and I feel like I've found my niche in the AWP role. Upon joining the roster I had the intention of playing as an entry fragger, before deciding to try out what it's like to be a dedicated AWPer. I instantly fell in love with the position and I've been skipping meals to save up $5750 ever since. In terms of cool moments, I'd have to say it's incredibly rewarding to execute set strats and comfortably win out rounds by concentrating on your own responsibilities."
So how did you get into gaming? What were some of the first games you played growing up? 
"I started PC gaming when I was around 7 years old, playing Unreal Tournament '99 for years on my laptop, which really kick-started my love for FPS games; ever since then, I've loved arena FPS and anything first-person with a good movement system. I played CS:S from 2008 onwards until taking my first steps into competitive leagues with TF2 in around 2011. Playing Sniper, I rose to the top of the Premiership division and represented England in the Nations Cup, before quitting  to focus on my role as an Anti-Cheat staff member for the European TF2 League. Originally I was disappointed with CS:GO after playing it in beta, however I decided to look into playing it again on a competitive level after seeing the drastic improvements Valve has made to the game in the past few years; so here I am today!"
What are your intentions moving forward as a unit? Which LAN events are you looking to attend?
"We are first and foremost interested in improving, rather than aiming straight for LANs - rather than being just another dime-a-dozen team getting humiliated in groups, we're going to invest time in making sure we're a very solid team before worrying about any of that. We won't be competing at epic18, and we're not booking anything in the foreseeable future. We all understand the amount of time that goes into the grind before you can turn up at an event and expect a top-X placement, and we're willing to put that time in. We've been toying with the idea of attending European LANs over UK ones, but it's still a long way off."
If you have any advice on how to get into competitive CSGO, what would it be? 
"Just do it! Practice your heart out and apply for a trial with the most competent looking team you can find. First impressions are important, so brush up for your trial and make sure you can impress them on any map they might want to play - learn your rudimentary smokes and be willing to support them. Past that, just practice and practice some more. Don't just work on one area of your play, either; work on your movement, aim, recoil, reactions, smokes and angles, and keep them all (and more) up to scratch if you want to succeed." 



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