• SarcasM

    Leon Haider

    My name is Leon Haider, I currently play the Lurker Role for the CAZ Academy Line-up. I have been competing over a multitude of games and platforms during the last 6 Years. Starting with Games like RainbowSixVegas2 and then moving on to CoD on the Xbox. I have attended multiple LANs and worked with & for different organisations over those years. My aspirations with this line Up are pretty clear, move up as far as possible within the competitive CS Scene and fulfil the potential we have as a team....Read More

  • snow

    Jack Evans

    My name is Jack Evans (snow in-game) I am 18 and I play main AWP. I have a long history of competitive FPS experience. I played low level CS:S in 2008, and moved on to top-level competitive TF2  around 2013. My aspirations are to improve both individually and with the team, attend LANs, place well and make a name for the team....Read More

  • ash

    Ashley Powell

     My name is Ashley Powell, I'm 22 years old and have been playing CS for the better part of 10 years, starting during 1.6 and turning into a competitive player with the start of CS:S. I currently play 2nd Entry for the CAZ Academy LineUp Outside of CS and Gaming, I play Paintball at a Tournament level in the UK. ...Read More

  • fLk

    Ryan Oliver

    Hi, I'm Ryan also known as Flakes, fLk in-game! I'm also the In-Game Leader for CAZ Academy's UK Roster. I've been playing FPS games the past 3 years, two of those years have been competitive within CS. Aside from playing I've also done some writing including now writing for both UKCSGO as well as CAZ. In my free time, I'm also a volunteer as an Admin for some UK Lan events. Aside from gaming I work in the Tech sector as a freelancer, balancing work / my free time to practice and improve with the team....Read More

  • Brock

    Michael Brockwell

    My name is Michael 'Brock' Brockwell, I'm 20 years old and my in-game role is the Entry Fragger. I've been a competitive gamer for as long as I remember, previously having competed in Day of Defeat 1.3 invite divisions. My goal is simple, be the best I can be....Read More