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Jesper Johansson

  • London
  • 11th May 1996


Jesp started playing cs 1.6 when he was very young, around the age of 12. Him and his friends would play all the time, competing against each other. He never took 1.6 too seriously, it was more of a hobby even though he could see myself getting pretty good at it, but it was all casual until the release of CS:GO. Jesp started playing CS:GO when the beta first came out. The first competitive team Jesp played in was probably in 2012. They had our fair share of success and with that his real passion for the game began to grow. Jesp always put the "W" infront of individual success. Jesp's strongest attribute to a team is the teamwork and communication combined with ability to play 1/2vX's really well. Jesp is just as happy flashing and supporting someone for the kill or making the kill himself, the end result is the same.