Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • iLewiss

    Lewis Cousins

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  • Mojo

    Joe Thomas

    Mojo has been playing competitive Call of Duty since late 2013 near the end of the BO2 era. He has attended several LANs in the 2014 season, most notably at his first lan, i51, where he defeated the ex-TEC team then called Erupt placing T24. His favourite role is SMG slayer, but he can adapt to play the objective role when needed. He is looking forward to the new game and believes his new team, with enough practise, can easily become one of the top teams in europe....Read More

  • Flashy

    Sam Rooks

    Flashy has competed around the competitve scene for around four years. Two of those years being in North America, while the other two years were here in the EU. He has competed at 1 LAN event (i51) beating the former erupt team that competed. After i51, Flashy took a break from competitive and is now back and looking forward to playing with the new CAZ team....Read More

  • CoNz

    Connor Jackson

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